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(Cordillera Real - Bolivia - July/August 2006)

Trek in the Cordillera Real (cont'd)

The fourth day is one of the most spectacular : we come to brush against the magnificent Condoriri (5648 m).
The triangular peak is the summit, flanked on the left by the wing of the condor.

On the previous evening, we had camped next to the Laguna Juri Qota, which we follow in the morning, before climbing the moraine which will lead us close to the Condoriri


On top of the moraine

we reach the realm of high mountains.




At the foot of Condoriri, a superb blue-green lake.



On that evening (the fourth), we pitch our tents in the Base Camp of Condoriri, rather crowded : many climbers attempt Condoriri.


On the next day (fifth day of the trek), the walk is a bit longer (a bit too long for our taste, in fact)

We are now getting close to the crowded Huayna Potosi.

The name of that mountain means "Small Potosi" : for a while, it was believed that there was as much silver ore here than in the famous Potosi mine.


On the sixth (and last) day of the trek, the walk is shorter. It takes us to the Base Camp of Huayna Potosi.


No doubt : this is indeed a beautiful mountain ...

By the way, why don't we use any more the name it had in the early 1900's ?

The name was then Cacaaca...



A few practical informations
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