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(Ecuador - November 2005)

2 days : ascent of Iliniza Norte (5126 m)

Iliniza is described as being "an excellent acclimatization summit" - but then every single summit in Ecuador is qualified as being an acclimatization summit (if the final objective is to climb Cotopaxi and/or Chimborazo, the two highest mountains).

Iliniza has two summits : Norte and Sur. Iliniza Sur is rather difficult (as a matter of fact, Whymper did not succeed in ascending it). The summits are separated by a pass, below which a little hut is built. Iliniza Norte is not difficult, except for the altitude. One must still be careful, under the summit, as there may be some icy patches.


The hut has a dozen beds, but the summit is quite popular, and the hut is often full.


Inside, gas stoves and cooking utensils are available, but one must cook the meals.

We were lucky : not only was the hut almost empty, but the wheather was great !

The color of the rocks does not leave any doubt concerning the volcanic origin of the mountain...


From the summit of Iliniza Norte, one can see that the South summit is icy - and more difficult.

Chimborazo is quite visible in the distance.


During his ascents, Whymper measured about everything, but here is an observation he did not make : the burning time of pipe tobacco...

So, I had to correct that omission, since, as Boussingault said (in 1831) : "I highly blame the dangerous expeditions to the mountains, when they are not undertaken in the interest of science"


Is this lake full of water... or what ?


A few practical informations
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