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(Trip through North West Argentina - June 17/ July 20 2010)
(see here our 2001 trip)

July 9 and 10, 2010 : Iruya - July 14 to 16 : Yavi.


The road to Iruya is reason enough to make the trip

Unlikely colors, dreamed up for the occasion...

Breathtaking quebradas...
Cliffs to drive mad any climber, even if foolhardy...



What a strange idea,
building a village
in such a steep place ?
Argentine 2010 156
Argentine 2010 157
Argentine 2010 158

On the road going North, shortly before Abra Pampa, do not miss the superb canyon, right along the road.


Beyond La Quiaca, at the end of a good paved road, the little village of Yavi, very well worth a visit.

Yavi is not quite as scenic as Iruya, but how quet it is ! (tourists are still rare...)
Close to Yavi, inhabited and cultivated valleys

A few practical informations

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