(Trip through North West Argentina - June 17/ July 20 2010)
(see here our 2001 trip)

(Map and practical information here)


Salta, June 17, 2010 : this happens to be the day the Gauchos celebrate their
leading role during the independance war !

Thousands of Gauchos march in full regalia.
To say they are proud is much below the truth...

It is also for us the occasion to eat again barbecued beef, pork, lamb and kid goat ...

And, of course, shopping in the artisanal Market
and in the Belgado market (super !)

June 20, 2010 : Dique del Corral, very close to Salta.

It must be nice to fish and swimm here in the summer time...

June 21 to 24, 2010 : Cafayate

Very nice clean little town, which lives not only on tourism,
but also on vineyards.

A visit to the bodegas is then not to be missed :
The wine is excellent (Malbec, Torrontes) !

We take several walks in the Quebrada de las Conchas

June 25 and 26, 2010 : Angastaco.

Very quiet little village, right by the quebrada de Las Flechas.

Dinner at the Rincon Florido is a great moment ! (Leonardo Gutierrez plays the guitar for us)

We will go to the Quebrada de las Flechas and to the Cerro Colorado


June 28 to 30, 2010 : Payogasta

The charm of the Sala de Payogasta hotel, a few km from Cachi, is irresistible
(and we benefited from the low-season rates...).
There was even an open fire in the room.

The hotel will be our base to visit Las Pailas, at the foot of Nevado de Cachi

June 30, 2010 : from Payogasta to Susques.

Yes, this is correct : 4859 m ! The altitude of Paso de Acay, up to which our rented Renault Clio valiantly took us (no rope nor crampons) !

But, before reaching the top, a few frozen rivers had to be crossed...

July 1st, 2010 : from Susques to San Pedro de Atacama via the Paso de Jama.

We had not been forewarned of the splendour of this unreal trip in a mineral world...


July 1st to 5, 2010 : San Pedro de Atacama - which exists for and by the tourists...

Valle de la Luna, Salar de Atacama, lagunas Miscanti et Miniques

July 6 to 8, 2010 : the inescapable Salinas Grandes and Purmamarca

July 11 to 13, 2010 : for years, we had dreamed of going back...

Camping at the laguna de los Pozuelos

July 9 and 10, 2010 : Iruya - a bit too touristic to our taste.

July 14 to 16 : Yavi - much more authentic.

Visits to Iruya and Yavi


A few practical informations