(Trek in the Torres del Paine National Park - Chilean Patagonia - January 2001)

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January 12, 2001, 5:45 a.m. I am alone. By luck, exceptionally, it is not too windy, but still a bit cool. I should hurry: the sky, behind me, is starting to show some colors.

Here we are ! The sun is lighting the Torres before I had time to reach the Lookout ! I got up a bit too late. Never mind ! I'll be back tomorrow. I'll take a picture anyway. Do I have time to set up my tripod ? Not really : the colors won't stay very long. And my little table tripod may not be suffisient to insure good stability.

I keep on climbing. The rocks are a bit unstable, but the view is fantastic.

And I am still absolutely alone. But why none of the other campers was courageous enough to get up early ?

When I reach the Lookout, a compulsory trek for anyone who goes to the Torres, the light is different already. But it is nevertheless much, much better than the noon light most tourists have, when they reach the Lookout.


This is probably the reason why this group of French tourists, seen yesterday on the way up, was looking somewhat cross... They had probably left the Hosteria Las Torres (or the neighbouring campground) that very morning, and were doing the roundtrip in one day : 2 hours to the Campamento Chileno, then 1 hour and a half to the Campamento Torres (where we pitched our tent), then 45 minutes to the Lookout.

Of course, one can make the return trip in one day, but what a shame !


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