Bears and Mosquitoes ?

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(Kluane National Park - Yukon (Canada) - August 2009)


Have you ever climbed on a box to look into a space closed to the public ?.
That's what we have to do here... We are on Sheep Mountain, and we are looking towards Kluane.

In the distance, very far, the Kaskawulsh glacier. Two days would be required to reach it on foot...

Why the name of Sheep Mountain ?
Because Dall sheep may be seen there.

From a distance.

And they should not be disturbed.

To put things into perspective, Kluane National Park covers an area of 21 980 km².
(about the size of New Jersey...).

Wrangell-St Elias NP (US), Glacier Bay NP (US), Tatshenshini-Alsek NP (US) and Kluane NP (Canada)
are adjacent and cover a total area of 85 000 km² (larger than South Carolina) : the largest protected area in the world...

It is then quite understandable that it would take weeks to enter the Park
(where there is no road, neither asphalt nor dirt), unless you fly in (that's what climbers do)...

We will then satisfy ourselves with climbing on boxes...

For a few days, we were based
in the Cottonwood private campground,
an idyllic place on the shore of Kluane Lake.

The view from our tent... Nice, hey ?

The water was a bit too cold for swimming -
But we were told that the temperature had been as high as 90°F a few days before our arrival... hard to believe...


The place is often visited by grizzly bears.

But we did not see any...
(that's OK, says Dominique)


But we saw tracks... quite impressive...

Yes. Well.

Bear poop.

Right on the path.

But we had taken precautions: "bear spray",
and bear-resistant food containers (provided by the Park)



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