Bears and Mosquitoes ?

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(Kluane National Park - Yukon (Canada) - August 2009)


Haines Junction, a "town" at the intersection of the Alaska Highway (Alcan) and of the Haines Highway ...
800 residents.

We camped two nights on Auriol Trail, close to Haines Junction.

This trail is located close to Haines Junction : it is quite crowded
(well... "crowded" for Yukon means 2 or 3 groups a day...)

This trail is one of the very few marqued trails in the Park.
Aside from those, no trails, no tracks (except those made by animals), nothing.
No maps either.
Entering the Park is then a true adventure :
one has to be prepared to cross dense forest and streams (cold and violent) while avoiding bears.
Cougars (mountain lions) have even been seen ?

We then spent two nights in a primitive campsite : four tentpads, a fire pit and an outhouse





Oh yes. By the way. Somebody mentioned bears and mosquitoes...

Well, when we were there (mid-August), no mosquitoes either ! Great, hey ?

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