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(Trips to Iceland - June 2000 and June 2002)


It must be a dream, for sure. As a matter of fact, at this time of the day, we should be asleep.

And yet, here we are, on the shore in Jökulsarlon,
alone with the birds.

And we look, sometimes even forgetting to take pictures...




Absolutely no wind. It's only a bit cool -
but who cares about temperature ?

We are perfectly conscious of living a unique experoence...


Jökulsarlon is located in the south of Iceland, where the Vatnajökull glacier (roughly 60 x 60 miles...) calves into a small lake connected to the sea by a narrow channel.
We spent two nights (?) there in 2000, and three nights in 2002 - but of course, it was never dark, as we were there around mid-June.

Fascinating sight of the icebergs floating slowly around under the wind, and of the sunlight sneaking through the clouds, floodlighting the icebergs and the mountains...

The only noise is the tinkle of the icebergs and the cheeping of the sterns.



I believe I have spent there some of the most beautiful days of my life...



(below) The sky was probably not quite as clement in 2002, but was it really less beautiful ?



The lagoon is connected to the sea through a channel on which the icebergs float,
as soon as they have melted some...


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