Page 6 - And where are the people ?

(Trips to Iceland - June 2000 and June 2002)


Yes, by the way, where are the people ?


If you look hard, you may sometimes see a few farms. Often, there is also a swimming pool (in the open) and/or a gas station : then, it is a "village"...

(yes, the grass is actually that green.
This is not due to a faulty film)




Beside the houses, there is always a small church, always built on the same model.

The church by the isolated house has only one side window : this would be the budget model.


But the village church - as well as the church built in a prominent place (the above church is completely isolated, at the foot of the Snaefell) - is entitled to 4 windows :
this is the luxury model.

Two third of the island population live in the capital city, Reykjavik (170 000 inhabitants).

A city to human dimensions (but they have traffic lights - and even a sign : "Transit prohibited to farm tractors")...



The "Downtown" lakes are alive with ducks and other wild birds, who know perfectly that they will always be fed for free here...



The (only) shopping street (identified with a sign "Main Shopping Street", so that there is no mistake), whose shops - frequently luxurious - are generally decorated with much taste.

One should also take a stroll around the harbour :
after all, it is to fishing that Iceland owes a great part of its prosperity.

After the overwhelming activity of the capital city (!!!), one understands those who seek peace and quiet, to escape the madness of civilization...

But, eventually, where are the elfs ?

But of course ! During the day, they hide in the rocks : this is well known !
Then, obviously, in June, they are not to be seen : it is always daylight ! But they are there, for sure.

And they have plenty of hiding places...


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